BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (2023)

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (1)

BitLife lets you simulate a life through text, as you well know by now, but one of the tougher achievements is to become a world-famous celebrity and superstar. You can even earn a Famous ribbon if you do it right and become famous enough.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (2)

There are a ton of tools at your disposal that can allow you to become a famous celebrity, but it’s all up to proper use of said tools. Your job, your social media habits, and more all matter. And with more and more famous jobs being added, it’s getting easier than ever to become a celebrity.

After a huge amount of updates, there are even more jobs that allow you to become famous. You have your originals, such as the adult movie star and film director jobs, while you have brand new jobs now, such as being a famous singer. Or a famous magician like this guy:

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (3)

Read on for some tips on how to become more famous in BitLife: Life Simulator!

One component to this is social media. In order to become famous, one of the most important factors is a huge following on social media, and to get a huge following, you have to post a LOT. Posting is more frequent here than other things, such as the library and gym, are.

15-20 times a year is a good baseline. Less is too little, while more might be a case of diminishing returns. However, be sure to experiment with this number. You might find that more than the recommended number of posts works best, or you might find that less works better.

Other than posting frequently, certain other factors can help you with your social media presence. Think about who gets all the followers on Instagram in real life. Fitness bloggers do. Super geniuses such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson do, as well. The “happiest” people on Instagram are absolutely flooded with followers.

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So make sure to max out your health bar, your intelligence bar, your looks bar, and your happiness bar. The higher these bars are in your life, the more followers you’ll get every year on social media. Art, in this case, does indeed imitate life.

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BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (5)

Your career is maybe the biggest component to it. You’ll get famous very easily if you have a career in the public eye, but without the right combination of factors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a career.

The first thing to do is either NOT go to college after you graduate high-school, or if a major related to the entertainment industry shows up, to go to school for that major. This includes dance, film, performing arts, music, or other entertainment-related majors.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (6)

The reason for this is that if you go to school and graduate, your degree will affect the careers that pop up in your job choices. Now, with the latest updates, careers are even more tailored to your education. So you want to either have the smallest education level possible, or exactly the right type of education.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (7)

You’ll have more jobs related to your degree, therefore you will be less likely to find an entertainment industry career if you graduate in, say, nursing. That’s why you need to stay away from unrelated degrees.


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HOWEVER: Oddly enough, you can actually become famous by being an app developer, of all things. To become an app developer, you need a college degree in some computer-related field, such as information technology or software engineering, to begin with.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (8)

Next, you need to find a job as a junior app developer. Then, get promoted, let the years go by, and you’ll be able to become famous, just randomly. It especially helps if you are a developer working on BitLife in the game (how meta).

Something that really helps with the above is to have a character that lives in Miami, USA, and then to become an app developer. Miami is where Candywriter, the developers of BitLife, are located, so if you become an app developer in Miami, then you’ll end up working on BitLife, which in this game, gives you far more of a chance of becoming famous – as well as earning the Teammate ribbon.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (9)

For you non-app developers, stay away from education that is not related to entertainment, and if an entertainment-related job doesn’t show up immediately, check back when you age another year. If nothing shows up again, age another year and check back. Keep repeating this as often as you need to. Like in real life, sometimes it takes some time before you get your “big break” in the entertainment business.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (10)

You need to get to the top tier of your job, too. Get promoted just like any other job. On any job that you do, if you stick with it long enough and work harder, you’ll get promoted. The same is true with any job that you take in the entertainment business. Stay in it long enough and you’ll go from the bottom to the middle to the top of your job.


Become the most famous singer that you can, for example. Like this guy:

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (11)

Another factor here is your looks. Yes, BitLife is a superficial world; it helps to be good-looking. The better looking you are, the better you’re chances of being able to build your fame. If you’re ugly, it’s still possible to become famous, but it’s a bit tougher to do so.

Some jobs, such as a grown-up film star, are much tougher for ugly folks to get into and become a celebrity in. Become good looking by going to the gym as often as you can. If you need to take extreme measures to do so, then get plastic surgery.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (12)

Regarding the jobs, you can be an actor, a model, exotic dancer, adult star, a magician, a singer, and more. Any job that you can think of that has to do with the entertainment industry or performing in real life, can get you toward being famous in this game.

The actor and model jobs will make it easier to become famous since they cater to all age ranges. Acting, especially, is something that will be easier to get into. Modeling depends slightly more on your looks and your age.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (13)

Once you achieve all of these and get your dream celebrity career, simply keep being an actor or a musician, or whatever it is that you do, for the longest period of time that you can. Keep it simple and stay in the chosen career for the longest possible time, so that you can promote as high as possible

Social media is also one of the keys to making it as a famous person and becoming a giant celebrity in BitLife. You can load up on followers (to the point where you can have millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of followers), fill your timeline with drunk pictures if that’s your thing, and more.

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For a more detailed breakdown see the full guide to social media in BitLife for a crash course on posts, drunk pictures, and followers.

To become famous on social media, think about what real social media moguls have. They’re famous, rich, they look good, they’re super intelligent, they’re the happiest people on earth (that you know of), and they’re health nuts.

So in BitLife, the same things will help you. You’ll find it easier to get followers if you’re rich, famous, always going to the gym and maxing out your health bar, or always going to the library and maxing out your intelligence bar.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (14)

Plus, being good-looking will help, and is arguably the biggest thing besides fame that will help. Going to the gym will help your looks but if you’re ugly to begin with, it won’t help a ton, just a little bit.

Sometimes, simply getting older makes you better looking too. There is an unusual amount of lives in this game where you start off as ugly, and then your looks bar continues to go up for no reason whatsoever. So if that happens, start trying to pursue a celebrity career even at an older age. It can certainly happen – just ask actors like Rob Riggle.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (15)

The more famous your job is (the higher up as a singer/actor you are etc), the more followers you’ll get on social media, which in turn will help you move up the career ladder of fame quicker. So both social media and acting/singing/etc help each other out.

BitLife: How To Become a Famous Celebrity Superstar (UPDATED) (16)

Put the famous job and the famous social media profile together and you end up with the Famous Ribbon! This ribbon is the culmination of all of your work to become famous in BitLife.


Stay tuned to this article, as updates will come whenever a new update comes to BitLife with a new addition to the fame game, such as a new job or a new gameplay mechanism regarding social media, and more!

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