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Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 of 13th April 2023. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2023 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) Which of the following organization has launched India’s first ever Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) called Nifty REITs and InvITs Index?

(a) NSE Indices Limited

(b) Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE)

(c) Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

(d) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

(e) None of these

2) Which of the following insurance company has partnered with actyv.ai to offer bite-sized insurance products to MSMEs?

(a) HDFC ERGO General Insurance

(b) ICICI Lombard General Insurance

(c) Kotak Mahindra General Insurance

(d) Reliance General Insurance

(e) Bajaj General Insurance

3) Which bank will receive a $125 million funding line from the partnership between Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Citibank?

(a) ICICI Bank

(b) RBL Bank

(c) IndusInd Bank

(d) HDFC Bank

(e) Bandhan Bank

4) How much was the weighted average domestic term deposit rate (WADTDR) on fresh
deposits raised by during May 2022 to February 2023, as per the RBI’s Monetary Policy report?

(a) 222 bps

(b) 140 bps

(c) 250 bps

(d) 220bps

(e) 190bps

5) What is the minimum transaction amount for availing the EMI facility for UPI payments recently introduced by ICICI Bank?

(a) ₹5,000

(b) ₹7,500

(c) ₹10,000

(d) ₹12,500

(e) ₹15,000

6) Which type of insurance policies will be offered through the partnership between Bajaj Finance and SBI General Insurance?

(a) Health insurance policies

(b) Home insurance policies

(c) Travel insurance policies

(d) Motor insurance policies

(e) Life insurance policies

7) What was the tax devolution ratio recommended by the 15th Finance Commission?

(a) 46%

(b) 47%

(c) 42%

(d) 43%

(e) 44%

8) Which tiger reserve has been ranked as India’s best-maintained tiger reserve in the 5th cycle of Management Effectiveness Evaluation?

(a) Satpura Tiger Reserve

(b) Bandipur Tiger Reserve

(c) Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

(d) Periyar Tiger Reserve

(e) Sunderbans Tiger Reserve

9) What is the number of women beneficiaries recorded under the PMJDY scheme at the end of FY23?

(a) Over 27 crore

(b) Over 40 crore

(c) Over 30 crore

(d) Over 20 crore

(e) Over 50 crore

10) Recently, How many infrastructure projects have been approved by the Network Planning
Group (NPG) under the PM Gati Shakti initiative?

(a) 3

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 4

(e) 8

11) Which ministry has launched a scheme that envisages monetary aid to poor inmates who cannot afford the penalty or the bail amount?

(a) Ministry of Rural Development

(b) Ministry of Environment

(c) Ministry of Home Affairs

(d) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

(e) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

12) Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released the latest census data of the tigers in the country at Mysuru, Karnataka.The number of tigers has increased by _____in the last 4 years.

(a) 150

(b) 200

(c) 330

(d) 400

(e) 380

13) Name the top-performing states in their respective state groups in SEEI 2021-22, according to the State Energy Efficiency Index (SEEI) 2021-22report.

(a) Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Chandigarh

(b) Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Assam

(c) Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Telangana

(d) Kerala, Telangana, Haryana and Maharashtra

(e) Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Chandigarh

14) As per the recent report, What percentage of India’s cattle population is currently insured?

(a) 20%

(b) 13%

(c) Less than 1%

(d) More than 3%

(e) None of the above

15) Which state government has launched a project named ‘Sanjeevani’ to empower the livelihood of small dairy farmers and livestock owners?

(a) Sikkim

(b) Gujarat

(c) Himachal Pradesh

(d) West Bengal

(e) Haryana

16) Which of the following company has set up the third production line of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)?

(a) Tata Advanced Systems Limited

(b) Defence Research and Development Organisation

(c) Bharat Electronics Limited

(d) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

(e) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

17) What was the name of the military drill held by the Chinese military around Taiwan Island?

(a) Operation Joint Arrow

(b) Operation Joint Land

(c) Operation Joint Sword

(d) Operation Joint Shield

(e) Operation Joint Fight

18) Which country has successfully tested a homemade long-range, high-precision kamikaze drone named Meraj-532, equipped with a 50-kg warhead?

(a) Syria

(b) Iran

(c) Pakistan

(d) Canada

(e) Iraq

19) Recently, Naresh Gupta passed away at the age of 72. He was the Former Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of _______________.

(a) Kerala

(b) Karnataka

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Tamil Nadu

(e) West Bengal

20) Every year,Jallianwala Bagh Massacre has been observed on which of the following day?

(a) 15 April

(b) 12 April

(c) 11 April

(d) 13 April

(e) 14 April

Answers :

1) Answer: A

NSE Indices Limited, a subsidiary of National Stock Exchange (NSE), has launched India’s first ever Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) called Nifty REITs and InvITs Index.

Aim :

To track the performance of REITs and InvITs that are publicly listed and traded (listed and traded or not listed but permitted to trade) at the NSE.

Key Highlights :

The Nifty REITs & InvITs Index has a base date of July 01, 2019, and a base value of 1000.

The index will be reviewed and rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

The weights of securities within the index will be based on their free-float market capitalisation, subject to a security cap of 33% each, and the aggregate weight of the top three securities is capped at 72%.

2) Answer: B

Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Co. Ltd (Kotak General Insurance) has partnered with actyv.ai to offer bite-sized insurance products to new-age Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) companies.

Key Highlights :

Kotak General Insurance will leverage actyv.ai’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)- powered platform to provide insurance solutions to support the business sustainability of small businesses.

Through this partnership with Kotak General Insurance, enterprises on actyv.ai’s platform will now be able to offer group insurance to all of its distributors, retailers, and suppliers.

3) Answer: C

The Japanese lender, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has teamed up with Citibank to provide a $125 million funding line to domestic private sector lender Indusind Bank.

Indusind will be utilising the co-finance funding for onlending to the agricultural sector in India.

The funding includes a JPY 13 billion (approx USD 97.45 million) loan from the JICA and another $30 million from Citi to Indusind.

According to the Citing official data, the agriculture sector accounts for 17% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs 45% of the people, & there is an urgent need to improve access to finance to stimulate capital investments in the agricultural sector.

4) Answer: C

As per Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) Monetary Policy report for April,2023 banks have kept savings deposit rates unchanged in the current tightening period.

During this period, banks have increased term deposit rates.

Key Highlights :

As per the report, increase in term deposit rates in the current tightening cycle has been more than increase in lending rate.

This has helped in improving the lenders’ net interest margins (NIM).

The net interest margin is the difference between the interest earned by a bank and the interest paid by it.

The net interest margin improved from 3.44% as of December 2021 to 3.73% as of December 2022.

In March 2023, term deposits formed 58.5% of aggregate deposits of scheduled commercial banks (SCBs).

Savings account and current account deposits were 32.6% and 8.9%, respectively.

RBI deregulated the interest rates on saving bank deposits from October 2011.

The weighted average domestic term deposit rate (WADTDR) on fresh deposits was raised by 222 bps during May 2022 to February 2023.

As per the report, external benchmark-based lending rates (EBLRs) were raised by the banks by 250 bps during May 2022- March 2023.

The marginal cost of funds-based lending rate (MCLR) – the internal benchmark for loan pricing – rose by 140 bps over the same period.

5) Answer: C

ICICI Bank has introduced an easy EMI facility for UPI payments made by scanning QR code.

Customers eligible for PayLater, the Bank’s ‘buy now, pay later’ service can avail of the EMI facility in an instant, easy and seamless manner.

Key Highlights :

This first-of-its-kind facility enhances the affordability of lakhs of the Bank’s customers as they can now instantly buy products or services just by scanning the required merchant QR code at a store and making payments in EMIs.

Customers can pay a transaction amount above ₹10,000 in easy instalments in 3,6 or 9 months.

ICICI Bank was the first bank to introduce PayLater facility in 2018 to enable customers to buy small ticket items immediately in a completely digital and paperless manner.

6) Answer: D

To ensure a hassle-free purchase of motor insurance policies, SBI General Insurance has partnered with Bajaj Finance to offer one-of-its-kind car and bike insurance policies.

Vehicle owners can visit the Bajaj Finance portal to buy the SBI General car and bike insurance policies online in just a few steps.

7) Answer: C

The Union government is likely to set up the 16th Finance Commission this year to suggest, among other things, the ratio in which tax is to be divided between the Centre and states for five years, beginning April 1, 2026.

In 2017, the 15th Finance Commission was set up with a mandate to make recommendations for the five ­year periods from 2020-­21, latter the mandate was extended by a year till 2025-­26.

In November 2020, the Fifteenth Finance Commission, led by chairman N.K. Singh, submitted its report for the period 2021-22 to 2025-26 to the then President Ram Nath Kovind.

It was headed by NK Singh.

It had kept the tax devolution ratio at 42%.

Central government is giving states 42% from its divisible tax pool during the period 2021-22 to 2025-26.

Finance Commission is a constitutional body.

It gives recommendations on Centre-state financial relations.

8) Answer: D

The Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala is the country’s best-maintained tiger reserve, according to the 5th cycle of Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE) carried out by the Centre.

It was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1978.

It gets its name from the River Periyar, which has its origin deep inside the reserve.

While Periyar reserve has obtained an MEE score of 94.3%, it is followed closely by the Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, Bandipur in Karnataka and Nagarhole in Karnataka.

The government has been using the MEE to assess tiger reserves across the country since its inception in 2006.

At present, the country has 998 Protected Areas – including 106 National Parks, 567 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 105 Conservation Reserves and 220 Community Reserves — covering 1,73,629 sq km or 5.28% of India’s geographical area.

Of these, 53 Tiger Reserves have been notified, which serve as an additional layer of protection around PAs.

9) Answer: A

Total balance in bank accounts under PMJDY has reached to a record level of ₹50,000 crore in the financial year ended March 31, 2023.

Total balance stood at ₹1.99 lakh crore at the end of FY23 against ₹1.49-lakh crore at the end of FY22.

Addition of 5 crore new accounts has been recorded under the scheme.

The number of beneficiaries recorded at 48.65 crore by the end of the last fiscal. The women beneficiaries were over 27 crore.

The key drivers for the scheme are the public sector banks. They have ₹1.55-lakh crore with them as deposits.

Public sector banks are followed by Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) with ₹38,832 crore.

Private sector banks got the remaining deposits.

The issuing of RuPay cards has declined. Only 33 crore cards have been issued out of about 49 crore account holders.

According to RBI data, nearly 8% of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) accounts have zero balance.

The average balance is around ₹2,400.

10) Answer: D

Four infrastructure projects have been approved by the Network Planning Group (NPG) under the PM Gati Shakti initiative.

The infrastructure projects are related to railways.

At its 46th session, NPG under PM Gati Shakti recommended four infrastructure projects.

The four projects include construction of broad-gauge double line between Sawai Madhopur and Jaipur in Rajasthan.

They also include broad-gauge line between Junagarh to Nabarangpur station in Odisha.

Broad-gauge line between Anand Nagar Ghughuli via Maharajganj on Northeastern Railway in Uttar Pradesh is also included in these projects.

The projects also include provision of automatic block signalling on freight dense high utilization network on Western Railway.

The scheme will enable underprivileged prisoners, majority of whom belong to socially disadvantaged or marginalised groups with lower education and income levels, to get out of prison.

Technology-driven solutions will be developed for providing benefits of the scheme to poor prisoners.

E-prisons platform and District Legal Services Authority will be strengthened.

The government has taken various steps to resolve the issue of undertrial in prisons such as the ‘Support for Poor Prisoners’ initiative.

The Government has also inserted Section 436A in the Code of Criminal Procedure and a new chapter XXIA ‘Plea Bargaining’ in the CrPC for poor undertrials.

11) Answer: C

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has launched a scheme that envisages monetary aid to poor inmates who cannot afford the penalty or the bail amount.

In line with one of the announcements of the Union Budget, ‘Support for Poor Prisoners’, the scheme envisages financial support to poor persons.

12) Answer: B

PM Modi released the latest census data of the tigers in the country at Mysuru, Karnataka.

According to data, in the year 2022, the number of tigers in the country was 3167.

The number of tigers has increased by 200 in the last 4 years.

Earlier in 2018 this number was 2967.

The figure of the number of tigers is released only at an interval of every four years.

The number of tigers in the country was 2226 in 2014, 1706 in 2010 and 1411 in 2006.

PM Modi has also released a commemorative coin to mark the completion of 50 years of Project Tiger and also launched the International Big Cats Alliance (IBCA).

This IBCA includes countries where seven animals of the ‘Marjar’ species – tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard, puma, jaguar and cheetah are found.

This organization will focus on the conservation and protection of these animals.

Currently, India is home to the most Asiatic elephants, single-horned rhinos, leopards, and tigers.

75% of the world’s tiger population was in India and that the country had seen a 75% growth in the population of big cats over the last 10-12 years.

NTCA in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), has conducted a national assessment for the “Status of Tigers, Co-predators, Prey and their Habitat” every four years since then.

13) Answer: A

Union Minister of Power and New & Renewable Energy, Shri R. K. Singh released the report of State Energy Efficiency Index (SEEI) 2021-22.

The SEEI was released during the RPM (Review, Planning and Monitoring) meeting of States and State Utilities in New Delhi.

The index developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a statutory body under the Ministry of Power, in association with Alliance for an Energy-Efficient Economy (AEEE), assesses, the annual progress of states and UTs in energy efficiency implementation, for FY 2020-21 and 2021-22.

SEEI 2021-22 has an updated framework of 50 indicators aligned with national priorities. Programme-specific indicators have been included this year to track outcomes and impacts of state-level energy efficiency initiatives.

In SEEI 2021-22, 5 states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Rajasthan and Telangana – are in the Front Runner category (>60 points) while 4 states – Assam, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Punjab – are in the Achiever category (50-60 points).

Further, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Chandigarh are the top-performing states in their respective state groups.

14) Answer: C

The government is planning to rehaul the livestock insurance scheme and will launch a comprehensive livestock insurance scheme just like Prime Minister Fasal Bima Yojana.

At present, less than 1% of India’s cattle population is insured and the average yearly premium is 4.5% of the insured amount.

Recently, a Parliamentary Standing Committee raised concern in front of the Animal Husbandry Ministry for zero insurance coverage of livestock in 2022-23.

According to the report of the panel, 174,061 animals were insured in 2021-22 while not a single livestock insurance was done in 2022-23.

The central government is planning to launch the scheme before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

15) Answer: C

The Government of Himachal Pradesh (HP) has launched a project named Sanjeevani to empower the livelihood of small dairy farmers and livestock owners.

About the project :

The project will help in improving the lives of farmers by providing them convenient and quality care for livestock at their doorsteps.

Telemedicine and technology will help in reducing the turnaround time of services.

It will also help in controlling the outbreaks of diseases.

The Animal Husbandry Department has signed an agreement with Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd. (BFIL) in this regard.

16) Answer: D

Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane inaugurated the third production line of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) set up by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) at Nashik in Maharashtra.

The new production line will enable the company to enhance production of LCA Tejas (MK1A) from its current capacity of 16 jets to 24 aircraft per year.

The HAL has 2 manufacturing facilities for LCA Tejas in Bengaluru.

He also handed over the 100th Sukhoi-30 MKI ROH (Repair and Overhaul) aircraft to the Indian Air Force (IAF).

17) Answer: C

The Chinese military successfully held three days of military drills dubbed Operation Joint

Sword, around Taiwan Island.

Purpose :

To rehearse an encirclement of Taiwan.

China wants to reunify Taiwan with the motherland and views the democratic, self-ruled Taiwan as part of its territory.

18) Answer: B

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has successfully tested a homemade long-range, high-precision kamikaze drone named Meraj-532, equipped with a 50-kg warhead.

About Meraj-532:

It is a kamikaze drone equipped with a piston engine.

It has a range of 450 km.

It is capable of flying at a maximum altitude of 12,000 feet for three straight hours.

It has a 50-kg warhead and can be assembled and prepared for flight easily, making it suitable for rapid reaction operations.

19) Answer: D

Former Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Tamil Nadu (TN) Naresh Gupta passed away at the age of 72 in Chennai, TN.

About Naresh Gupta :

Naresh hailed from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

He served as the CEO of Tamil Nadu between 1998 and 2000, and 2005 and 2010.

He has served in multiple positions, including being the first collector of Sivaganga district in 1985-86, and Home Secretary for the then CM M Karunanidhi in 2001-02.

He then became a Member Secretary of the State Planning Commission between 2002 and 2005.

He also penned a book titled ‘Human Development in India’ based on his experience as a member secretary.

He retired in the year 2010, and was posted as a member of the Central Administrative Tribunal after his retirement.

20) Answer: D

Every year April 13th is observed as Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

Jallianwalla also called as Massacre of Amritsar incident on April 13, 1919, in which British troops fired on a large crowd of unarmed Indians in an open space known as the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in the Punjab region of India.

The people gathered at Jallianwala Bagh to protest against the arrest of the two nationalist leaders Satya Pal and Dr. Saifuddin Kitchlew on 13th April 1919.

Suddenly a British military officer General Dyer entered the park with the troops.

Without even giving a warning to the people he ordered the troops to open fire on an unarmed crowd for ten minutes and when their ammunition was exhausted they left.

According to the estimates of the congress, about a thousand persons were killed and about 2000 wounded.

The bullet marks can be still seen on the walls of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre which is now a national memorial.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Private Banker Salaries
  • IDFC FIRST Bank Private Banker Salary - ₹19.9 Lakhs per year.
  • ICICI Securities Private Banker Salary - ₹18.8 Lakhs per year.
  • HDFC Bank Private Banker Salary - ₹13.1 Lakhs per year.
  • ICICI Bank Private Banker Salary - ₹12.8 Lakhs per year.

Which bank pays highest salary to PO in India? ›

SBI PO In-Hand Salary

The Gross compensation received lies between 8.20 Lakhs (minimum) to Rs. 13.08 lakhs (maximum) per annum. The SBI Probationary Officers are eligible for Lease Rental/ HRA, DA, Medical, CCA and other allowances besides basic pay. The amount varies with the location of the job posting.

Is IBPS interview tough? ›

The IBPS PO Interview Round is a difficult stage. The interview is more of a personality test than a test of knowledge. Your presence of mind is being checked in this. Is an interview important in IBPS PO 2023?

Which type of quiz is best? ›

Multiple-choice is one of the most effective ways to present your quiz questions. This type of quiz format gives your learners several possible answers to choose from, but only one choice is correct. While this type of quiz seems simple and easy to create, you have to be careful with your question formation.

What is QuizWhizzer? ›

QuizWhizzer is a quiz creation tool that sends players racing on a track you choose. Begin by creating your quiz from options presented within QuizWhizzer including player movement choices and positions on the board.

What is JP quiz? ›

The JP Knowledge Test is designed to ensure that Justice of the Peace (JP) applicants are familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a JP as outlined in JP Handbook.

What is the most popular question answer site? ›

  • Answers.com. User-powered question and answer platform. ...
  • Ask a Librarian. Online reference desk service from the Library of Congress. ...
  • Brainly. Post questions to a community of millions of students and teachers. ...
  • Chegg Study. ...
  • Dummies. ...
  • eHow. ...
  • PolitiFact. ...
  • Quora.

Are online quizzes accurate? ›

All online tests are self-report. This is a reliability problem because you never know if someone is telling the truth. As with validity, the longer the test, the more reliable it is. The environment in which you take the test should be consistent over time.

What is the best way to study for a quiz? ›

Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips
  1. Give yourself enough time to study. via GIPHY. ...
  2. Organize your study space. via GIPHY. ...
  3. Use flow charts and diagrams. via GIPHY. ...
  4. Practice on old exams. via GIPHY. ...
  5. Explain your answers to others. via GIPHY. ...
  6. Organize study groups with friends. via GIPHY. ...
  7. Take regular breaks. via GIPHY. ...
  8. Snack on brain food.

How do you study the best for a quiz? ›

10 Steps To Ace Your Next Test
  1. Get informed. Don't walk into your test unprepared for what you will face. ...
  2. Think like your teacher. ...
  3. Make your own study aids. ...
  4. Practice for the inevitable. ...
  5. Study every day. ...
  6. Cut out the distractions. ...
  7. Divide big concepts from smaller details. ...
  8. Don't neglect the “easy” stuff.

Is there a free quiz app? ›

Quizizz is a free quiz maker that allows teachers and educators to sign up and view thousands of ready-made learning quizzes or even create a new one. Students can engage in these group assignments and answer questions at their own pace.

Is there an app for quizzes? ›

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes on the App Store.

What is Quizalize app? ›

Quizalize is a gamified formative assessment application that provides a fun and engaging way for teachers to collect real-time data on student progress and easily personalize learning. Pick from over 500,000 ready-made quizzes or quickly create your own.

What is ProProfs quizzes? ›

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a cloud-based quiz authoring tool designed for all industries. It offers an integrated platform for building online quizzes, skill assessments, online exams, online tests, lead quizzes, video quizzes, and more.

What is quiz bee in school? ›

A school-wide quiz or bee can be a great way to teach students about certain subjects and test their knowledge. You may conduct a quiz bee that focuses on one subject, such as spelling or a quiz bee that tests students on several subjects, such as math, science, and social studies.

What is a post quiz? ›

Pre / post quizzes are brief surveys that are used before and after an event. They are ideal for helping you understand whether or not your audiences have learnt key aspects of the content you are trying to convey.


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